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Welcome to What She's Wearing, I am so glad you found your way here!

My name is Rachel, and I created - What She's Wearing - in hopes to inspire many women on how fashion can make an entire difference in their day.

It all started when I realized, or at least accepted, that I had a shopping problem, who would have thought?

Many of us women find ourselves either window shopping, binge shopping, or going above and beyond the spending limit when it comes to clothing and accessories. I am drawn to it, the shoes, the dresses, the outfits, everything. I love it all! When I put on a great outfit and receive compliments on it, it makes my day!

My main goal is to personally shop day in and day out to find the perfect items for you guys. I am here to use my passion for your benefit. All my items are personally picked to reflect a style that provides femininity and grace. It's also a personal reflection on things that I like to wear that are fun, flirty, but also practical. I plan to offer all sorts of items that shine a light on my lifestyle. Some days we want to dress up and show off, some days are for hard work in the gym, and other days we want to relax and stay comfy. Either way, I love helping women find the perfect outfit for their day.

I hope that you become inspired by my style and enjoy the work I've put into this company. Every order is truly appreciated and every order is packed with love.

- Rachel



Oh.. and if you're wondering where I got the name for my company?

It's simple but important. I noticed that every time I am out and about and I see another women who is dressed beautifully, I notice. I notice, and I speak up. I always say to myself, "I love what she's wearing!" or "I love her outfit!" or "I love her shoes." It's so easy to see someone and admire their appearance but have you ever gone out of your way to tell them? Have you ever just given them a compliment on their appearance and see how it brightens their day? That feeling is incomparable, because you gave that to them! I picked "What She's Wearing" because I'd love for it to symbolize that encouraging other woman is such a beautiful thing, it can be so empowering.